"Remember the prisoners as if you were their fellow prisoner..."

Hebrews 13:3


The Merced County Jail Ministry exists to provide spiritual guidance for those incarcerated in Merced County, California.  We believe no one is outside the grace of God!

Our team of chaplains and dozens of volunteers are passionate that all would come to know the grace and love of God and his salvation.  


When an individual enters the prison system, they are never doing it alone.  Every incarceration affects families and loved ones.  We believe our ministry should operate the same.  We seek to reach out to prisoners, their families and the correctional officers in order to facilitate life change. 


Gospel Presentations

We provide Bible study groups, Bibles, spiritual counseling, and prayer - right in the prison cells.  Prisoners are hungry for hope, and we are eager to help them find it!  


Family Care (Adults & Juveniles)

Our services are not limited to inmates only.  We provide counseling services to their families, handle death in the family notifications, and offer spiritual support for correctional staff and their families.


Preparation for Life

In anticipation of life on the outside, we oversee an expansive G.E.D. Program that prepares inmates for a brighter future upon release, helping inmates receive their High School Equivalency each year.  Chaplain James also coordinates a Celebrate Recovery 12 Step program, which helps anyone dealing with hurt, pain or addiction find freedom from those issues and hope in Jesus.

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One on One Counseling

At Sandy Mush, our Chaplains provide services each week in the prison dorms.  Available for Men, Women and Juveniles, these vital services also include religious diet interviews, Clergy visitation and Crisis Counseling as well.

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